CP English 11

***** Due to the uncertainty of what we will be making up and what we won’t, your project is not due until we are certain of a return date to school. No blog posts will be posted until we are back in school. As of now, just read the book you chose.*****


Independent Reading Project 

Answer the following questions over your book.

Must Do’s :

  • Book title
  • Book author(s)
  • Number of pages in book
  • Explain the significance of the title (5-10 sentences). Authors do not choose a title randomly.  Usually the title is symbolic in some way.
  • What is the major conflict in the book?
  • Copy 10 of your favorite phrases/sentences from the book and explain why you chose them.
  • Write a review of the book.  Would you recommend the book?  Why or why not?  How many “stars” would you give it?  Would you have changed any element of the story (plot, characters, setting, resolution, conflicts, point of view, etc)? (50 words)

Character Related (Choose 2 150 – 300 words)

  • Explain how a character in the book changed from the beginning to the end.
  • Would your book be different if the main character was of the opposite gender
  • Examine how gender plays a major role in the book.

Setting Related (150 words)

  • Draw and label the important places on a map of where the novel takes place. Explain how each place plays an important part in the novel.

Plot Related (150 – 300 words)

  • What is the main conflict in the novel? Internal or external? How is it resolved?

Theme Related (150 words)

  • List 2-3 theme(s) of the book. Use at least three examples from the book.

Paper Rubric